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Science Literacy Week: CanCODE Workshop (Room 1006R)

Science Literacy Week: CanCODE Workshop (Room 1006R)

Red Deer College makes coding fun! By looking "under the hood", your child can learn that a computer is a powerful tool - to create amazing projects. Imagine building, creating language to make robots move, build equipment using basic materials, and exploring the world of technology using interactive resources.

Our goal is simply to teach youth to code. We believe a basic understanding of software engineering provides a set of fundamental skills that is vital, to our youth's future. Digital skills, like coding and understanding how new technologies can be used to solve real world problems. An early introduction to computer science is an investment in the future.

We are surrounded by technology, and every single piece of technology, from your smartphone to the car you drive, is controlled by software that was written by programmers. Learning about programming is a life skill that is useful in so many industries.

Developing programming skill, even at the elementary level can have numerous benefits:

  • It teaches about problem solving (algorithmic thinking)
  • It's cross-curricular (solbe math problems or create an art project)
  • It generates early interest in computer science
  • It stimulates design and creativity
  • It improves math skills

This is a FREE program.

LOCATION Computer Lab (room 1006 R) located on the main floor of the Library.

PARTICIPATION LIMIT:  20 participants, three (3) participants per household.  Note: Students under the age of 15 years must be accompanied by a parent and the parent is included as a participant.

You can register online or by calling 403.356.4916.

Sunday, September 23, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Makerspace (2006F)
  School Aged (grades 3-12)  
  Con Ed Program  
Registration has closed.

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